Technical area: accreditation and management systems

The implementation of a management system is essential for the optimization of processes in the organization, forecasting disaster or improving credibility. The current guidance for identifying and mitigating risks make them a powerful preventive tool, facilitating legal and regulatory compliance, ensuring the indispensable security to achieve continuity and reputation improvement.


  • ISO 9000 Quality Management,
  • ISO 14000 Environmental Management
  • OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety at Work,
  • ISO 17025 for accreditation of laboratories.
  • SA 8000 and other referential of Social Responsibility
  • Systems R & D + i according to UNE 166000,
  • ISO 22301 Business Continuity,
  • Q Quality Tourism
  • ISO 27000, Information Security.

Accreditation and management services

Laboratory accreditation

We perform this service by reviewing and interpreting the general and technical requirements for the adequacy of laboratories according to regulation UNE EN ISO / IEC 17025, as well as the reference documents edited by ENAC, leaving as a result a management system in accordance with the same for the accreditation of laboratories.

Implementation consultancy 

Evaluating the operational and technical capacity and the degree of adaptation to regulatory requirements; identification and description of processes, and assessment of risks; design and management of the documentation; establishment of communication channels; implementation of the system, using the preventive and improvement tools, and performance monitoring.

Internal audit

Objective evaluation of the implemented system, prior to external audit certification or accreditation, to detect and correct system deviations with respect to the reference standards or the own management system.


We perform this servce ensuring continuous improvement through the resolution of non-conformities and the use of management tools, as well as the performance of review reports by the management.